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Women of Refinement

Refining the Mind: Women's Conference


10th Annual

Refining the Mind:

Women's Conference

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Refining the Mind 2022 - A Quick View

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2015 - 1st Conference

The Refining Life was launched on September 26. 2015 with the first Refining the Mind: Women's Conference. There were 33 attendees and 10 speakers. There were several vendors and we had an amazing time. Over the years we have served hundreds of women through this event and we are hoping to add to that number at our 10th Annual conference this September.

2016 - 2nd Conference

2017 - 3rd Conference

2018 - 4th Conference

2019 - 5th Conference

2020 - 6th Conference


2021 - 7th Conference


2022 - 8th Conference

2023 - 9th Conference


Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others. ​-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Women of Refinement

We believe that it is important to give people their flowers while they can smell them. Starting in 2016, we honored amazing women who are making a positive impact on their villages and communities through their life, leadership, and love. We are excited to have honored 3 cohorts of Women of Refinement and look forward to honoring a new cohort this year...can't wait to announce who!


Caroline Covington - Motivator

Anitra Bailey - Activist

Regina Leak - Nurturer

Rev. Trish Harleston - Overcomer

Ashley V. Bagley - Warrior

Chisa Pennix-Brown - Transformer

Dr. Alisa McLean - Leader


Toni Shaw - Motivator

Yolanda Rabun - Overcomer

Gina Tate - Transformer

Not Pictured

Dr. Donna Oliver - Leader

Shemikia Wallace - Nurturer


Dr. Tonya F. Armstrong

Mental Health

Omisade Burney-Scott


Dr. Cherrel Miller-Dyce


Canisha Cierra Turner


Not Pictured:

Kimberly Winborne - Finance

Dr. Veronica Ray - Physical Health

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