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Dr. Renita L. Webb


Dr. Renita Webb was given the vision to open a facility where people could come and refine their mindset and take their new thoughts and ideas into the world to improve their relationships with themselves and others. In the process of bringing this vision to life, Dr. Webb came to the realization (with the help of an awesome conversation with a good friend) that The Refining Movement had to go beyond the walls of a building. Thus, the birth of "The Refining Life".

"The Life" is our way to outreach inside and beyond the local community and touch the lives of many others who are in need of being refined. We are able to utilize multiple platforms; conferences, spoken language, and written word, to reach out and help others go through the process of changing their mindset to ultimately positively change their lives!

Shahane Toler


Board Members

Yolanda Gardner

Jasmine Jones

Tonya Gibson

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Dr. Shana A. M.


Dr. Shonetta


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Regina Leak

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