"I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way..." - Linda Creed

Our 2023-24 Refined Expression Ambassadors

  • Member of POINTE! Company
  • Joffery Ballet South Summer Intensive
  • Performed in 3 National Black Theater Festivals
  • Participant in the Syncopated Ladies Tap Festival
  • Member of POINTE! II
  • Joffery Ballet West Summer Intensive
  • Performed in 3 National Black Theater Festivals
  • Pageant Queen - Platform: "The Arts and Me"
  • Brown Girls Do Ballet Ambassador

Kennedy M.


Reign W.


What is Refined Expression?

Refined Expression is the branch of The Refining Life that speaks to the needs of our youth. One of the most effective ways for youth (people in general) ways to express themselves is to utilize the creativity and freedom of the arts. Unfortunately, arts programs are being regularly removed from schools and our communities because of a lack of funding and for some lack of interest or appreciation. Through Refined Expression, we will not only encourage youth to express themselves creatively through the arts but also to share their creativity with others as inspiration for them to do the same.

Positive Creative Expression is a light that can help extinguish many dark places, thoughts, and moments.

In partnership with THE POINTE! Company and Technique Conservatory, we created an application opportunity for members of the organization's company to become our inaugural Refined Expression Ambassadors. We are happy to announce our first members of this group that will help refine minds and positively express themselves for years to come.

By supporting Refined Expression, you will be:

supporting the growth and the future of the arts in our community

supporting the dreams and hopes of young and aspiring artists

helping our youth take advantage of opportunities they may have to otherwise pass up that could change the trajectory of their future

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